Song Research Group

Song research group (Advanced Soft Energy Materials Lab.) is interested in design and synthesis of functional polymers and nanomaterials based on polymer science, chemistry, physics, and electrochemistry for next-generation energy stroage devices such as quasi-solid-state batteries, aqueous rechargeable batteries, and wearable batteries. The aim of the research is to understand the electrochemistry and chemistry behavior of the polymer materials designed for energy storage applications with high performance in terms of high-energy-density, stable cyclability, and safety.

Keyword: Polymer, Electrochemistry, In-situ gas analysis, Gel polymer electrolyte, Aqueous batteires, Li-ion batteries 

Research Projects

1. 한국연구재단 우수신진연구 “Development of polymer materials for next-generation zinc-ion batteries” (2022.03 ~ 2026.02)

2. 이차전지인력양성 사업 “Secondary battery industry professional manpower training project” (2020.03 ~ 2025.02)

3. 현대자동차 NGV과제 “Development of the functional composite coating separator to improve cyclability” (2022.02 ~ 2022.10)

4. 한국기계연구원 기본사업 “Development of gel polymer for wearable batteries” (2022.03 ~ 2024.12)

5. 중소기업기술혁신개발 사업 “Electrolyte additives (BNNT) for Li-ion batteries” (2022.05 ~ 2024.12) 

6. 한국연구재단 최초혁신실험실 “In-situ gas analysis for battery applictions” (2022.07 ~ 2023.07)

7. CIT-출연연 공동연구 지원사업 “Development of MoS2 as a cathode materials for zinc-ion batteries” (2022.01 ~ 2023.01)